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City Advertising database of Double Opt In Responders was derived from years of sending Opt In Email marketing campaigns for thousands of clients. Basically, we narrowed down our database of over 150 million records and profiled those records based on responses from each campaign.

We have developed highly targeted Responder lists, these lists usually generate 10x the Open and Click thru rates when compared to general consumer based Opt in files. Imagine knowing someone Opened, Clicked and/or Responded to a complementing campaign prior to ever sending your offer to them! Well with City Advertising Responder Files we have done that for our clients.

Case Study: A client wanted to test a new Diet offer, we sent 500,000 records the offer that had previously responded to a Health/Wellness Offer, the campaign had a 35% Open rate and a 7.5% Click thru rate. Client's ROI was 500%.

City Advertising has sent campaigns for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to Mom and Pop shops. Our Responder Files are like no other in the industry and we own our data and network so there is no middleman or outside/broker cost involved therefore we consistantly out perform our competitors!

Our Responder Files include:

Automotive Interest (Accessories, Insurance, leasing and loans, valuations, warranties)

Business Interests (Banking, Investing,home/small office, supplies, real estate, shipping)

Consumer Interests (Apparel & Clothing, Diet/Health, Gadgets, Home Improvement, Mortgages)

Gambling Interests (Casinos,horse racing, Poker, sports betting and handicapping)

Investment/Real Estate Interests (Appraisals, Finance, Foreclosures, Publications, Stocks)

Leisure Interests (Automobiles, Gambling, Golf, Luxury Items, Travel/Vacations, Wine)

Political Interests (Govt. Interests, President Interests, Party Interests, Voting)

Religious interests (Denominational dating, gifts, music and services)

Toy & Gift Interests (Childrens clothing, gifts, Holiday items,toys)

These files are compiled from Actual Responders from various campaigns. People in these files are likely to respond to a variety of offers. These files are updated Weekly, contact City Advertising today to see which file will best suit you/your clients needs.

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